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Our goal is the gold standard.  Thirteen years after detailing the how's and whys Family Court doesn't work at the 90 page Familylawcourts.com  including the tone-deaf response from local and state officials;  the solution is clear.

End the specialty "Family Court" and restore to litigants due process and jury trials in Civil Court.  Attorneys will continue representing litigants, it's just they will do so in a court of due process, and in the case of custody battles, jury trials.


After 40 years of failure, "Reform" is clearly, not enough.

Good news:  If Arizona's Gov. Jan Brewer can dissolve CPS, the agency to protect children, (which clearly wasn't working) it also makes sense to end a court that's not working.

Awards & Testimonials

Beginning with the most recent accomplishments:

Provided San Diego DA with enough evidence to prosecute former attorney Patricia Gregory.  (DA was initially reluctant as Gregory once worked for DA in, ironically, Child Support Enforcement.)

Gregory eventually pleaded guilty to embezzlement.

Provided Orange County California Sheriff's deputies enough information to collect search warrant for former attorney Ron Lais.  Lais was convicted and served six years.

Outed Susan Griffin in San Diego who had been posing as a therapist for more than 10 years.  Via an online degree.  Successfully petitioned County Board of Supervisors to rescind their 100K grant for her Supervised Visitation agency, (which was found to be both unsafe, and unsanitary.)


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Endfamilycourt knows facts are the building blocks to change; and the facts reveal  rthe Judicial Council, the AOC and Family Court judges are not interested in providing litigants due process.

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